Dan Bell is a craftsman's contractor.He and his team, who do meticulous work of the very highest quality, insist on building and renovating the right way – and always consistent with the owners' budget and vision.Dan not only chooses the best subcontractors in town, but also plans ahead and carefully guides owners in making decisions about lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry and all the other details that go into a finished home.Dan Bell is a man of great integrity who stands behind his work. You can count on him to come up with ingenious and elegant solutions to the inevitable challenges of creating a beautiful and functional home. -Susan Biskeborn & Tom Richardson  
I thoroughly enjoyed every day that Dan worked for me. He is organized, hard working, dependable, cares about producing quality work, easy to work with, and enjoyable to be around. All of the sub-contractors enjoyed working with him as well. Dan completed my house ahead of schedule and I have a custom built house better than I had anticipated.
– Deborah Munro

Dan Bell was a pivotal part of the house we built in 2010 in uptown Port Townsend. The project lasted 12 months so we had an extensive period to know Dan and respect his work ethic and his talent. Dan is incredibly hardworking and reliable. He is constantly coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems. On our project he took the lead on many aspects of construction. He works hard to make sure the project has integrity and will stand the test of time while also working to keep the budget as affordable as possible. When we were looking for a way to make the exterior of the house more unique, Dan jumped in to create a distinctive and artistic shingle design. He is a true craftsman who takes pride in his work. He has great working relationships with local subcontractors, is great at collaborating with others, and is just a joy to work with. We are so grateful that we had Dan working with us on our home!

-Brad West and Carla Main    
Dan Bell helped with creating a very special and beautiful space in our rental cottage.  What I really appreciate about Dan is not only the beautiful attention to detail and craftsmanship but, how patient, timely, and considerate he is.  Dan was a blessing and wonderful to work with at all times.
–Elizabeth Bissonette